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About China Bags Depot ith over 12 years of experience and serviced more than 1500 customers,we're one of the top bag manufacturer in China.We specialize in Custom Made Bags, we can support all your bag design and manufacturing need.

As a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of bags in China,we supply cost-effective yet stylish, an extensive range of bags & Purses, including Cosmetic Bags, Makeup Bag & Toilet Bags, Handbags & Purses, Tote Bag & Shopping Bags, also Travel Bags & kits, Backpacks etc.

By our Bags Manufacturing experiences,we have hundreds different cheap-cost Bags & Designs that are available to Custom Made with your Brands, Logos for worldwide Clients,from beauty ,fashion company to bank, industrial customer.

Basing on our keep-updating fabrics, materials & accessories, we can help you design your persinalized bags.OEM/ODM is welcome.

We offer competitive prices, quality bags and expertise to assist you to achieve your goal,best quality bags,affordable price and excellent customer service is always our mission.